CS Got Talent

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CS Got Talent is a 2-day audition of XCEL to find potential performers that studies in the College of Computer Studies specifically students who took up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The purpose of this event is to cater the God given talents of Computer Science students not only in the CS Community but also in the society. The performers that will be accepted will be part of the XCEL Performers which will perform to the different activities of XCEL. The accepted performers will also be given an award for being part of XCEL Performers. :)


The dates of auditions are as follows: June 17, 2015 & June 20, 2015.


The time of auditions would start from 2:00PM until 5:00PM. The time duration should be enough to all the performers to perform their audition piece to the judges.

Please refer to the poster for more details.

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