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13th Iligan City Computing Fair (ICCF) Angelo Karlo Tan(5th from left) and Glenn Henley V. Samporna(6th from left) took home the College Quiz Show Championship with coach Maria Ramila Jimenez(4th from left) Sept. 17, 2015



13th Iligan City Computing Fair (ICCF) Marc Reyes a BSCS freshman won third place in the Digital Arts Open Competition Sept. 16, 2015

The Service Learning Program of Xavier University

Students from the Department of Computer Science are immersed in serving the community by helping our partners from the industry, private or government.

On Governance

1.    Database and Crime Mapping, Police Information System and Website Development Version 2 (Montes,Saluta,Seo, Ceniza)

2.    Online Registration for New Business Permit (Macababayao, Madelo, Samporna, Dollaga)

3.    Online Billing of New Business and Real Property Tax (Barton, Delposo, Parungao, Jurado)

4.    CDO City Documents Tracking System (Arado, Cagampang, Tapongot, Forteza) 

5.    Crime Incident Mapping System (Angus, Sespeñe, Claret, Licudine, Sajol)

6.    Web-based Real Time Trafic Information System of CDO Central Business District (Ompoc, Zambrano, Gerodias, Ferrer, Jipos)

7.    Web-based Information Response System for Emergency Response Vehicles and Medical Experts (Sabenecio, Aballe, Cebrian, Lopuz, Gelay)

8.    Barangay Accounting Subsystem (BASs by Mata, Hernandez, Aberilla, Abbott, Salcedo, Banados)

9.    Profiling Information System for Sitio Talungan (PISST by Mercado, Echavez, De Guia, Navarro, Hormillada)

On Peace

10.  Big Hoop Charities Foundation Inc. Database System (Borja, Rosalin, Tato, Amandoron, Dugenio Wong)

11.  KKP-SIO Database Management System (Paano, Labos, Bulatao, Velez)

12.  Manresa Tagbuan Center Website Development (Buragay, Cahiles, Galamiton, Peralta, Sani)



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