2015 Cheerdance Competition Champions

Category: News Published: Friday, 18 September 2015 Written by Super User

It has been 5 years and in 5 years, the CCS iWizards has risen to victory. CHAMPIONS in the recently concluded cheerdance competition last Saturday, Sept. 12. The crowd's cheering while the team performed their moves, puts the spectator in a state of ecstatic trance. Joyful excitement filled the thousands watching. From the first moderator, Ms. Cristina Amor Cajilla and the support of Ms. Elvira Yaneza who both strove hard for the first college cheerdance team to be able to join the competition. How poignant is the presence of their 3-time moderator Mr. Rangie Obispo? He was so moved that tears rolled down his eyes. Some alumni who took leave from their jobs were elated their comrades succeeded in capturing the Xavier Cup for Cheerdance Competition. They felt that they were a part of the success of the iWiz. So do the faculty and admin of the college. Congratulations for your well deserved championship. Salute to Steffany Caiban, the current iWiz moderator. Your hardwork has indeed paid off.


As what can be seen from Jordan Pana's expression YES! We won!

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