Seniors' Tribute

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Congratulations CCS batch 2015. Here is Sir Rangie's parting message during the seniors' night.

It has been more or less four years since you have first stepped into the College of Computer Studies. And now, you are about to step out. The past four years, I am certain, may not have been the smoothest sailing ride you have. However, it is one of the finest journey and unforgettable feat you have.

I could still remember most of you when you entered XU in your freshmen year. It was also the first year of the College of Computer Studies. I was still a student back then, like you. I could not really fathom that you are now about to graduate and enter the real world. Well, I am not trying to say that the past years were unreal, but what I want to say is you are now to enter professional life, equipped with all the knowledge and skills you learned from school. You will now apply what you have learned from the classrooms and laboratories in real life. We are so proud to produce now the first fully-blooded wizards of the College of Computer Studies.

Before you will really graduate and pursue with your careers, there are things that I ask you not to forget.

First, your friends. You have met a lot of them here: your blockmates, your classmates, and even orgmates. You have shared many memorable moments with them; some are happy, some are funny, some are sad, and there are even fuming ones. I hope that you will cherish them. One thing that college life has surely taught you is the importance of good friends. And this I am sure: you won’t be here now, if you don’t have your friends who have supported you all along.

Second, your lessons. No, I don’t really mean your lessons in Automata, in Data Structures, in Business Processes, or in IS Planning. What I mean are the lessons and learning you have had with us. What was it like to have finished your capstone project or thesis after sleepless nights? What was it like to have failed in a quiz you have not prepared for at all? From the littlest failings you had, to the biggest accomplishments you attained, they all come with lessons and learning. These are the things I want you to remember.

Third, and lastly, don’t forget to look back. In life, it is important to take a glance of where we have been to fully appreciate where we are now, and have a better vision of where we are going. The past may not be a good place to stay, but it is certainly a good venue to visit and learn from. And when you try to look back, I hope you would still see us. And when you plan to come back and give us a little visit, please don’t forget to bring a box of pizza, or doughnuts will do.

The closing of this chapter in your life opens a new one - one that is packed with more challenges, more struggles, more uncertainties, more experiences, more friends, and a lot more. Life will still shake you and try to shatter you, but I wish you the courage and strength to steadfastly continue with your endeavors. Your journey might take you to the loneliest places, but just don’t forget you always have your family and friends to cheer you up. Should you fall, do not give up. Stand up even higher. It is in the darkest nights that light shines brightest.

You may no longer have the excitement of first day of class, but it would now be your first day at work. You may no longer have the joy of getting an A in your subject, but you will have your first salary raise because of a job you have done well.

You will have your careers now. Some may have planned already, and some are still uncertain whether where to go from here. But wherever that may be, we hope that you will never forget who you are, and what it is to be an Atenean. Your learning did not stop the moment you have handed over your thesis or capstone project. In fact, your graduation is just the commencement of a life-long learning.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us to mold you in your college years. You could have chosen another program in the University, but you took BSCS and BSIS. The college is young, but with you, we are filled with love and good spirit. We thank you for all the memories you have shared with the college, and even to us personally. Yes, some of you may have caused us headaches, but we are still happy to have you as our students. And now, we are even happier to send you out as professionals soon.

Before I end this message, let me quote what Ma’am Bing said to us during our Seniors Night three years ago. “Goodbye’s won’t hurt us much. It’s the uncertainty whether we would have the chance to say ‘hello’ again.”


I am sure that this goodbye is not forever. We look forward to have that “hello” again. And when that happens, we know that you are already closer to the fulfillment of your dreams.

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